Gathering of historical information about Squeaks evolution

In Squeak we do not have direct access to information about all the history of the entire system. This information is available in the various repositories used to build the whole Squeak system and can be easily extracted from there. With this project we want to extract historical information about Squeak’s evolution out of the repositories (preliminary work has been done here) and to store this information in an in-image database optimized for efficient retrieval and querying. The ultimate goal is then to use this version, history or ownership of code information in the IDE, eg. to quickly locate code changed in a specific version of the system or by a specific developer. Or to quickly identify all the code that has been changed together (ie. in the same commit). This historical information could be directly used in the following Master’s project: Exploiting software history in the IDE

Last changed by admin on 21 April 2009