Integrate Google Search into Smalltalk image

Searching a large source code base is often a daunting task, because existing search tools are not efficient and do not allow us to specify expressive search criteria as e.g. Google does. This is also true in Squeak Smalltalk where a good code search would be really useful and important. This project aims at providing an efficient and effective search engine in Squeak (or VisualWorks, if preferred) based on Google Desktop Search (GDS). GDS will do the indexing of the source code base (the image), it will also interpret and execute the search queries. The tasks for this project are hence to first provide means for GDS to index the Squeak source code and second to provide an interface in Squeak where the developer can specify her search terms and browse the search results. A similar project was conducted for Java in the Eclipse environment. The following paper presents this project:

Contact: David Roethlisberger

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