Using Naked Objects and Seaside to build a Fractal Music Generator

Musinum is a fascinating generator of fractal "music" and is build with VisualBasic and thus not platform-independent. Here a nice, baroquesk example and some other tunes.

Maui is a lighweight implementation of the Naked Objects Framework. (See also the book on naked objects online) Seaside is a 21 century web-application server.

The goals of the project is to port Musinum to Squeak using the existing core implementation, both as a standalone program with the paradigm of naked objects and as a web-server program with seaside. We would also require

  • reading in existing "scores"
  • creating midi-files and score-files
  • a small experience report on using naked objects/Maui
  • a small experience report on using Seaside

Besides building a funky application you would learn about

  • Squeak
  • Smalltalk
  • Naked Objects
  • Seaside
  • Writing

(Project reserved until July)

Just drop a mail to Markus Gaelli

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