Task Manager in IDE

This project aims at implementing a task manager directly in an IDE (preferably Squeak Smalltalk). The task manager should show a kind of todo list, but deeply related with the software system for which these tasks have to be performed (eg. fixing a defect in that system). We can associate with every task software artifacts (classes, methods, etc.) we have to change, check, implement or remove from the system to achieve the task. For every task we also want to define tests that have to be added or adapted to fulfill the task. There should also be a relation to a bug tracking software on the web, maybe even to other collaborative systems (mailing lists, web-based task tracking systems). The task manager should interact with the rest of the IDE, eg. to quickly navigate with the IDE to artifacts associated with the tasks, to add artifacts from within the IDE to the task, or to automatically change the completion progress of a task by working in the IDE on artifacts defined in the task.

Contact: David Roethlisberger

Last changed by admin on 21 April 2009