Visualizations for Eclipse

Eclipse, as great as it is as a development environment, still lacks software visualization. This project’s goal is to take the most popular visualizations used in Moose and port them to Eclipse. This may also include porting Mondrian to Java, but you are free to use any visualization framework. Mondrian needs a dynamic language for its scripting facility. We suggest to use Groovy, or Rhino the new Javascript engine of Java 6.

What you should know

  • Java Skills
  • Any drawing framework
  • Implementing algorithms
  • Interest in Dynamic Languages and Scripting

What you will learn

  • Eclipse plugin development
  • Eclipse’s Java Model
  • Dyanmic Language and Scripting
  • Software Analysis
  • Software Metrics
  • Polymetric Views
  • Information visualization
  • Gestalt principle
  • Layout and typography
  • Maybe Meta-modelling

Caught your attention? Please contact Orla Greevy or David Roethlisberger.

Last changed by admin on 21 April 2009