More general issues

  • VW: support namespaces and packages when generating code
  • VW: invars are present but not generated by code generation
  • Squeak: fix causal connection
  • Smalltalk: generate visitors based on container-composite relation
  • Smalltalk: generate better links for associations with key
  • All: add support for constraints and behavior
  • Smalltalk: generate #= method
  • Java: check conformance to reference implementation
  • Python: check conformance to reference implementation
  • Java: more tests

Concrete issues

  • add FMCodeGeneration#applyChanges to code gen
  • fix unnecessart #includes: calls in links
  • use another variable for old in generated 1:1 link (
  • Reject non-metadescribed elements in FMRepository >> #add: (think about making this a boolean setting due to performance)
  • Implement FMJSONPrinter (see JSON)

Closed issues

  • Implement FMRepository >> #remove: / #deepRemove:
  • Implement FMRepository >> #compositeAdd: / #compositeRemove:
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