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Known SqueakSource installations

Main Installation Impara Source Croquet Source SqueakFoundation Source SqueakSource Japan Saltypickle Magritte and Pier SqueakSource Bioskop Fr Sophie Project

Todo List

  • use CurlPlugin (make HTTP POST with Proxy work (SqueakMap))
  • fork image for
    • saving
    • ancestry
    • mondrian visualizations
    • rebuild visualizations of paper
  • distributed repository protocol, link together impara, squeakfoundataion, croquet, sqs japan, .... (could use sitemaps)
  • make sure mimetype matches for ancestry graphs
  • port to Seaside 2.7
  • clean up code
  • better MCM support
  • email or jabber notifications
  • external API (REST, hessian, ONC/RPC, XML-RPC, SOAP, ...)
  • AJAX, search and more
  • bugtracker
  • todolist
  • fix XSS vulnerability
  • Magma?
  • stay logged in with cookies
  • REST urls
  • search entrypoint & parameter for firefox search plugin (and gnome deskbar)
  • feed validation
    • do something about those not valid email addresses
      • stefan (_) reichhart (@) bluewin (.) ch
      • staff (at) validome (dot) org
      • someone at somewhere
  • extend / revive blessings
  • build SqueakMap replacement on those blessings
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