Ignorance is not bliss in research

It is extremely essential to systematically evaluate the proposed method or tool in the software engineering field. There are three types of evaluations possible: a case study, an experiment, or a survey. Researchers have already published guidelines on how to conduct all of these three evaluations. Nevertheless, most of the authors do not follow such guidelines and end up evaluating their work in an ad-hoc fashion, hence making it hard to replicate.

In this seminar project, you will collect and analyze the publications from the past 5 years of two important conferences in the field of Requirements Engineering namely RE international and REFSQ. You will use existing guidelines to cross-check whether the state-of-the-art evaluations from these publications comply with them or not; if they do- to what extent.

Learning outcome

You will learn how to systematically search for literature, how to analyze it, and make inferences. You can potentially learn how to write a research paper if you are interested to work beyond the scope of the seminar.


Nitish Patkar

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