Polymorphic call-site comprehension

Polymorphism is an important and widely used object oriented concept, supported along with inheritance. We can invoke methods based on the assumed type of the receiver, while during run-time the receiver can store the reference of multiple types.

While a selector can be implemented hundreds of times within the inheritance hierarchy, we have discovered that 75% of polymorphic call-sites have up to six possible method candidates. The question is how much are those implementations different in a semantic way. For example, the following two methods

 float surface(){ return a*b;} // method that calculates surface
                               // in a Rectangular class
 float surface(){ return r*r*pi; } //method that calculates surface
				    // in a Circle class

aren’t clones, but they both calculate the surface of a mathematical figure.

The aim of this project is to analyze the source code of software projects, and find the percentage of polymorphic call-sites where the semantic of all possible invoked methods is the same.

Contact: Nevena (Milojković) Lazarević

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