Visualisation of Runtime Behaviour of Programs


Understanding runtime behaviour of a program is a common task for programmers. Following the flow of a program during tasks such as maintenance can be time consuming and difficult.


In this project we will develop an approach for supporting this kind of tasks based on software visualisation. Through visualisation developers will be able to actually see what part of the software is been executed, as well as to trace the path of invocations that the program took. Afterwards, we can evaluate the approach in a corpus of software. For the analysis of data we will use Moose. Visualisations will be based on Roassal (a visualisation engine included in Moose). Both are implemented in Pharo.


Further reading

  1. Pharo:
  2. Moose:
  3. Roassal:
  4. Corpus: Qualitas.class

Contact: Leonel Merino

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