Living user stories

User stories are widely used to keep track of actionable requirements. They are often maintained in external tools, such as Trello or JIRA. It is a tedious process to confirm which user stories or which parts of a specific user story have been implemented in the source code.

We have implemented a preliminary prototype of User Story Wall in an IDE that supports changing the status of user stories and moving the cards around in columns, such as in progress or finished.

This prototype can be further improved to make story cards customizable, tie the user stories to the actual implementation, and several visual enhancements.


  • Cross-check existing required functional requirements and see how much is already implemented
  • Enable visual creation of user stories on the wall view
  • Improve the textual description of user stories with annotations in the wall view
  • Customization:
    • Story points
    • Checklist for tasks
    • Due-date
    • Assign members
    • Inline information about corresponding epic, use cases, etc.

This seminar project shall be extended as a thesis. During the seminar, we will cover some implementation tasks, the thesis will cover theoretical analysis of user story management tools for their support in IDE and further implementation.


Nitish Patkar

Last changed by nitish on 11 September 2020