ViDI v2 (Visual Design Inspector Reborn)

Project Idea

ViDI is a visual design inspector. It visualized the software under analysis, enriches visualization with a result of quality rules, allows to edit software and fix it in place.

However is also has a list of shortcomings:

  • The visualization is hardcoded (and sometimes you want something different that 3D cities)
  • The quality rules are hardcoded (and ideally you should be able to turn off the critics from rules and turn on something different e.g.: code coverage)
  • There is no navigation: you are always on the level of the whole subsystem and you interact with the most fine-grained entities (and usually you want to see a high level overview and be able to dive into some parts)
  • There is no lightweight version (and no one wants to integrate into the core distribution a tool that relies on 3D graphics frameworks)

The goal of this project is to create a new major version of ViDI (you are allowed to try to call it with different name) that will be as devastating on first mention as it’s predecessor, but will overcome all turnoffs of that appeared during prolongated use.


Yuriy Tymchuk and Claudio Corrodi

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