Setup of macamis

Server macamis

  • XServe, IAM hardware room.
  • Processor: 2x G5
  • Disks: 2x250GB Raid-Mirror (Boot partition) + 500GB drive mounted on /Volumes/ServerHD


  • Backup server for
  • roundup bugtracker for moose and reflectivity


  • user scg is responsible for backup
    • backup: mirror to asterix. see script bin/backup
  • user servicese runs all the Smalltalk-based servers that require graphics output
  • user services is configured to log in on reboot (safe as machine has no graphics card)
  • can be accessed via VNC


  • scgresources is an alias for macamis. The resources (Papers, Software) are on a 500GB disk mounted under /Volumes/ServerHD. This disk is exported as Volume "scgresources".
  • scgresources are mirrored daily to /Users/scg/NoBackup/SCGResources
  • configured to be accessible from university IPs only. (link to /Volumes/ServerHD/Literature, holds scg Paper library + course material)
Last changed by admin on 21 April 2009