Using ScanSnap

  • All needed software is on scgresources, Folder Hardware/FujitsuScanSnap
  • Read the Manual (File Manual.pdf)

To use the scanner with your mac, install the following software

  • Adobe Acrobat Professional (optional)
  • ScanSnap drivers from ScanSnap.dmg
  • FineReader for OCR from "FineReader for ScanSnap.dmg"

Tips and Tricks

  • FineReader recodes the graphics to align it better with the page. Make sure to check the settings (e.g. best for black and white is to use the FAX encoding): Set the Format to Black and White (CCITT Group 4) and Quality to High.
  • Configure the ScanSnap settings to Normal quality B&W.
  • If the scanner is incorrectly rotating your pages, uncheck Scanning>Option>Allow automatic image rotation
  • If you have a big document, check Scanning>Continue scanning after current scan
Last changed by admin on 21 April 2009