Welcome to Swiss Smalltalk User Group

Welcome to the wiki of the Swiss Smalltalk User Group (SSUG). The goal of SSUG is to bring together Swiss Smalltalk practicioners from Industry and Academia. The main communication vehicle is the mailing-list. Register to the mailing-list and participate to the event.

Upcoming Events

Past Events

  • Smalltalk Party, the 28th of October 2006
  • Smalltalk Party, the 18th of November 2005
  • Tutorial by Joseph Pelrine
    SCRUM: A Methodology to Keep the Team Going
  • Smalltalk Party, the 8th of November 2004
  • Smalltalk Party, the 15th of February 2003
  • Smalltalk Party, the 16th of June 2002
  • Smalltalk Party, 16th of June 2002

Past Activities

  • Organization of afternoons around code development in Smalltalk.
  • Giving free lectures at Ecole d’IngĂ©nieurs d’Yverdon (16 hours: lectures notes, exercises have been given). Now Smalltalk is taught at Ecole d’ IngĂ©nieurs d’ Yverdon.
  • Presentation of the Refactoring Browser and Squeak to the FachHochSchule of Grenchen.
  • Presentation of Squeak to the Gull Event at Geneva.
  • Distribution of a CD containing all free Smalltalk dialects and some lectures to all the students of the University of Berne (see picture at the end of this document).
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