Mobile Requirements Elicitation

Mobile Requirements Elicitation (RE) started initially as a journal paper as we were interested in exploring the state-of-the-art in RE specific for mobile apps. Mobile apps are crucial for the success of many businesses and hence they are also tricky to build. App developers constantly face many challenges such as much more frequent update releases, various target mobile operating systems, device compatibility issues, unknown users etc. which never truly existed before.

Such challenges were unseen during the past decades, and although every player was forced to find a solution for these technical challenges, some questions remain, e.g., “Can we be sure that the app which we build will please our customers?” “Have we completely understood the customer requirements?” “Has our customer told us the correct and complete requirements?”

We asked ourselves if these challenges have manifested in the way we gather requirements for mobile apps? In other words, are we still using the old traditional techniques of requirements gathering to tackle these modern-day problems? Are we successful at it? If not, what must change?

Currently, we are exploring the gap between RE methods/techniques proposed in academia and what is used in the industry. We are in the process of submitting a journal paper and its extension would be an industry survey and follow up face-to-face interviews from interested companies.