Installation Guide

This section provides a guide to set up the different parts of the visualization and configure them correctly. You need to set up 4 parts for the visualization to work: The Pharo environemt, the webserver, the Unity Project and the HoloLens. The setup can be run in two different ways:

Perfvis_setup2 Two ways to set up PerfVis

No matter which setup you choose, the instructions stay the same. These instructions result in a visualization of the Roassal2 Library in Pharo. We assume that the reader has basic knowledge in the navigation of C-Sharp, Pharo Code and the command line interface.

Required Tools

For the visualization to work you will require:

Perfvis_pharo_setup Code reference for the save location of the pharo file


For the webserver we will use Python, since it offers an easy to set up webserver to serve from the filesystem, but any other webserver work as well. The webserver needs to be running on the same machine as the Pharo Environment.

You can now enter Play Mode in Unity. After a couple seconds you should see the visualization. You will notice that there are always two classes active. We suspect this is due to the Inspector Window, which needs to be open and displaying the metrics, for those to also be written to the file.

An easy way to stress Roassal2 is to the World Menu > Roassal > Roassal Examples, select any category and play around with some examples.