Object-oriented Reengineering Patterns (OORPT - WS 06/07)

Course: W7083 (Winter Semester 2006/2007)
Lecturer: Prof. Oscar Nierstrasz
Assistant: Dr. Tudor Gîrba
Lectures + Labs: Wednesdays, 10h15-13h00
Place: Engehaldenstrasse 8, 001
Start: 2006-10-25

Course Contents

Surprising as it may seem, many of the early adopters of the object-oriented paradigm already face a number of problems typically encountered in large-scale legacy systems. Software engineers are now confronted with millions of lines of industrial source code, developed using object-oriented design methods and languages of the late 80s and early 90s. These systems exhibit a range of problems, effectively preventing them from satisfying the evolving requirements imposed by their customers. This course will present a survey of various techniques that have been successfully used to re-engineer industrial OO systems. In particular, we will discuss issues like reverse engineering, design extraction, metrics, refactoring and program visualisation.

The course is intended to complement the book, Object-Oriented Reengineering Patterns.

Details about the lab can be found on the OORPT SmallWiki.