Reverse engineering ESE projects

Until now, you have looked at a large system (ArgoUML). In the following 2 weeks, you will be looking at 5 small but similar systems developed by the ESE teams.

This year the ESE teams develop a Music Player. You can find details about the projects on the ESE website.

You are to provide the report on the projects that will be delivered on December 13, 12:00h by the ESE teams. You are expected to send the report and the slides by December 19, 24:00h.

Task 1: Evaluate and compare the internal quality

You are to evaluate the projects from the point of view of the Coach based on the ESE evaluation rules.

Some guiding questions:

Task 2: Estimate a user story

You are to estimate the following user story for each project: "The user wants to share his favorite playlist with all his friends that have access to his shared hard-drive. He exports the playlist in the M3U playlist format so that others can import the playlist in their favorite music player. Some of his friends are using 3rd party software, others are using an ESE MusicPlayer."

Connecting to ESE CVS