Artthik Sellathurai

Hi there!

I am a bachelor student at the University of Bern in the Software Composition Group (SCG). I am working on a stakeholder friendly visual scenario builder for my bachelor thesis.

The Problem:

All kinds of models and visualizations are used to show how code and entities interact and communicate, but as soon as development of software begins and requirements change throughout the process these models are kept untouched. The longer this process goes on the more the actual software and the model differ. This can lead to confusion and misunderstandings.

The Solution:

A visual scenario builder that can be used to visualize the software to any stakeholder, that evolves as requirements change. A visual representation that reflects code at any point of the process.

The Goal:

The purpose of my work is to create such a visual tool for modelling software in Pharo using various UI tools and furthermore this tool shall generate functioning code and documentation.

I'm supervised by Nitish Patkar.

Always open for suggestions:

Updated: 19. November 2018