Pascal Giehl

Hey there!

I'm Pascal Marc Giehl and I'm studying computer science combined with economics and a little bit of math.

Currently, I am on my bachelor thesis and therefore I write an Android Application for Zeeguu. The goal is to create a smart "language dictionary" app that is connected to the main Zeeguu program and thereby to the Zeeguu universe.

Why is it smart you ask? Because you should be able to learn languages faster and better than before. How do we do that? By giving you a platform on different devices that is coordinated at a central place and therefore all your progress is recorded and ubiquitous.

If you enjoyed the last few sentences and you would describe yourself as curious, I invite you to test this application and finally try to break it. Because then you give me the pleasure to "unbreak" and improve it again and make it even a little bit more difficult for you the next round. ;)

So please feel free to contact me at any time.

Best regards

Pascal 12-100-996

Languages: Java, HTML, java-script