Erik Aeschlimann

My Master Project:

The goal is to deliver analysis tools for programming language PL/I


M0.1: dependencies between files

file content of the hierarchical structure of the program: subsystem DB contains: YDMU900, YDMU901, YDMU902 program YDMU900 contains: YDMU900-E1, YDMU900-E2

file content of an exported dependency file: DM5000: YDMU900,YDMU300, YDMU900-E1 (YDMU900—YDMU900-E1) DM8000: YDMGETB

Eventually, the exported info should be in MSE format conforming to the FAME meta-model. Read more at: /wiki/projects/fame/mse

M0.2: hierarchical structure of the system

M1: Import in FAMIX/Moose modelling the concepts of the PL1 domain: domains, subdomains, applications, programs, entry points

M2: Metrics for the PL1 domain

M3: Visualizing PL1 (requires: M0, M1)

\''M3/(-1)?: Showcasing the Softwarenaut views inside the company and asking for feedback\''



PL/I-Version: V3R9

IBM Language reference:

IBM PL/I Bookshelf: