Peter Loretan

Software Cartographer Todos

 \[5.] Draw symbols on map, I will give you a block that returns the symbol for each location (or nil). 
 \[ ] Color by hapax topic
 \[ ] Do another example with author information (hackontest?)
 \[ ] Do hackontest case studies
 \[ ] Put the executable online
 \[!] Prepare a 5min teaser
 \[!] Prepare demo instructions
 \[!] Prepare slides
 \[-] Center the visualization 
 \[-] New Icon
 \[-] Nice to have: zoom and panning -> nope
 \[?] Prepare a poster (maybe)
 \[1.x] Display legend with colors.
 \[2.x] Make categorization based on SimpleDocument info.
 \[3.x] Add fileinfo to UI (as editable text area)
 \[4.x] Store fileinfo in simple documents (as annotation:String)
 \[x] Apply property changes to all images (mark as dirty).
 \[x] Color by package
 \[x] Fix click when zoomed
 \[x] Fix labels in properties dialog.
 \[x] Fix neighbourhood message
 \[x] Fix tests
 \[x] Make complete background blue!
 \[x] Name -> CodeMap
 \[x] Predefined scenarios for property settings
 \[x] Rename classes
 \[x] Scale and translate the locations to viewport.
 \[x] Select item in list on hoovering.
 \[x] Try to see if pixel rendering is fast enought -> it is not