How to organize a course online exam?

Before the Exam:

As students are not experienced with an online exam and neither we (instructors), plan the exam in advance. Check the university website for different details such as software to be used, the limit for physical meetings, declaration forms for the online exams.

General information about the exam:

Inform students in advance about the online medium by which the exam will take place, syllabus for the exam, open book or closed book exam. In case of an open book, inform what study material they are allowed to use. If the exam will be more theoretical or practical, and to what extent they have to write code snippets and how strict we are about syntax.

Given below is the template to notify the students about.

Format: Written exam using Zoom, Closed-book.

Help Material: No helping material except an English dictionary

Submission: By email

Date&Time: Wednesday, June 3 @ 10h00 - 12h00

Duration: Two sessions of approximately 40 minutes each, the total duration of 120 mins

Language: Exam subjects are in English

Required: Phone and Desktop/Laptop with a video camera, speakers, A4 size papers, and pens

Software: Zoom, Pdf reader, University email account should be configured in the phone and laptop

Answer Format: Handwritten on the paper

How to Send answers: To your call group's email address. the subject format: P2Exam-'<First Name'>'--<Session1|Session2>-<Part1|Part2>. Send your answers also via post within a week.

Exam structure checklist

Exam preparation lecture:

Ideally, two weeks before and maximum one week before, organise an exam preparation session where you have sample exam questions. This session should be a very interactive session where you encourage students to solve questions and discuss their solution about what is expected and what is not expected. The sample questions should not be dummy questions. Organise this session via the same platform (zoom) which you plan to use for the final exam. This session can make students familiar with the platform. Students should set up their zoom account using @students.unibe email address

Mockup Exam:

During the exam:

After the Exam: