What do hilfsassistenten (HAs) earn?

A HA is paid 3.75 points at a pay-scale of 5 points per month.

That is usually paid over 5 months at 15% to give maximal insurance coverage.

5*5*15% = 3.75 points

In fact, most of the work is done over 3-4 months, with a realistic effort of 20% (1 day a week). You should try to ensure that your HAs work effectively an average of 1 day a week over 3 3/4 months.

5*3.75*20% = 3.75 points

The university does not allow us to pay PhD students at the pay scale of HAs, so PhD students who work as HAs are paid at a different (higher) pay-scale: 8 points a month. They are paid 15% for 3 months. The actual money is about the same. (There are not very many PhD students who do this extra HA work.)

8*3*15% = 3.6 points