Bibliography PDF crawler

The Software Composition Group maintains a BibTeX ( bibliography file containing references to relevant work throughout the group, including references used in Bachelor's, Master's, PhD theses, and research papers.

BibTeX entries may contain a wide range of fields, some of which can help localize a copy of the referenced work. An example entry looks like this:

  author    = {Zobel, Justin},
  title     = {Writing for Computer Science},
  year      = {2004},
  edition   = {Second},
  publisher = {Springer-Verlag},
  isbn      = {1-85233-802-4},
  keywords  = {book, scglib},

However, often looking up a document still includes visiting some webpages and trying to localize a pdf from various sources. The key file is sometimes used to store a reference to a pdf or other file. However, this is rarely the case in the current SCG bibliography file.

Some tools exist that look up and fetch files from a given entry. One such tool is JabRef (, a bibliography manager that includes features that can obtain pdfs from sources like Google Scholar (, arXiv (, etc. This, however, is currently only usable through the GUI and it is hardly feasible to obtain a large number of pdfs for a library as big as the SCG one.

In this project, we aim to implement a tool with a simple command-line interface that allows users to automatically fetch files for given entries, rename them according to a given pattern, and update the file field in the bibliography. The tool should be able to fetch pdfs from \''Google Scholar, arXiv, IEEExplore (, and ACM Digital Library\'' ( One option to implement this project is to fork JabRef.

Contact: Claudio Corrodi