Fame is a polyglot framework for metamodeling at runtime.

When to use Fame?

Fame is available for ⇒ Java, Python, Ruby, Smalltalk, etc…




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License: Fame is Open Source! Main authors of Fame are Adrian Kuhn and Toon Verwaest, University of Bern, Switzerland, with contributions by Sandro Dezanet, ibidem, Pierrick Bouazza and Sara Sellos, ENSIETA, France. Fame for Smalltalk is distributed under BSD license. Fame for Java and Python are distributed under (Lesser) Gnu Public License. See source files for details.


Fame for Squeak Smalltalk

Fame for Java

Fame for Python

Fame for Cincom Smalltalk

Fame for C# (work in progress)

Fame for Ruby (work in progress)

Known Clients (out-of-date, please mail me if you are an user)