Spy is a Smalltalk VM written using the PyPy toolchain.

Spy is written in RPython, and can be translated with the PyPy toolchain as C executable, as Java native backend, and as .Net native backend. Spy is the collaborative effort of the Squeak-PyPy Sprint in Bern last autumn. Spy has been realized by the PyPy Team and the SCG Group in only one week.


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License: The Spy VM is Open Source! Spy is distributed as part of the PyPy project under MIT license. Main authors of Spy are Carl Friedrich Bolz, Adrian Kuhn, Adrian Lienhard, Nicholas D. Matsakis, Oscar Nierstrasz, Lukas Renggli, Armin Rigo, and Toon Verwaest. Spy is currently maintained by Toon Verwaest.



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