Bringing Agile artifacts closer to the implementation

Requirements Engineering (RE) is a critical activity for every software project. Requirements serve as a discussion platform between stakeholders to achieve a shared vision of the product-to-be.

The various artifacts used to present and document requirements are often dispersed between different platforms, tools and other mediums (e.g. e-mails, sticky notes). This makes consistent documentation and traceability potentially cumbersome.

The goal of this thesis is to explore the different requirements artifacts used in industry settings, and developing a platform for managing project requirements, all integrated within an Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

First, I analyzed a selection of RE-related publications for mentioned requirements artifacts, and classified them along a number of dimensions, in order to identify any findings to motivate the integration of requirements into IDEs.

Second, a platform for storing, manipulating and analyzing requirements will be created in the Pharo environment. I speculate that having one platform to store requirements, more closely to the developer environment, will contribute to more consistent requirement management, as well as easier RE for geographically distributed teams.