LiteratureResearcher on Steroids

Project Idea

Scientific articles are usually published as stale, binary PDFs. Although they reference related work and authors, those properties are not uniformly hyperlinked. This renders the navigation within the corpus within scientific publications a process that is scattered across different applications (browser, PDF viewer, LaTex bibliography). With an initial prototype of an integrated literature research environment, the [ILE](, we have the scaffolding to build a more complete and user-friendly exploration system for articles (see video [here]( With the recent advent of the moldable editor, it is now possible to create interactive documents with ease, to which articles serve as a good example to test its limits. The goal of this project is to convert stale PDFs of articles to interactive documents, enabling a more integrated navigation within a research field and beyond. In the course of this project, one has to figure out how to convert binary PDFs to interactive documents, and explore the enabled navigation opportunities.


Manuel Leuenberger