Moldable requirements engineering platform

Often, numerous and distinct tools are used for creating and managing project requirements. Such tools are often isolated from the development environment. This dispersion of requirements in several tools makes it difficult to have a complete overview of the progress, i.e. what has already been implemented, what is in progress, what needs to be prioritized next, etc. The isolation also leads to traceability issues, especially, it is prevalent in contexts where requirements change and evolve rapidly.

This project aims to build a requirements engineering (RE) platform in an IDE that supports requirements specification, modeling, verification, and management to engage both technical and non-technical stakeholders in the RE process. In our previous projects, different pieces of this approach are implemented as described in the following illustration.

However, these different parts need to be integrated in order to facilitate a graceful workflow, followed by an evaluation to confirm the usability and usefulness of this approach. The implementation tasks involve modeling custom workflows to integrate different existing projects and several other improvements to function it as a single RE platform.


Nitish Patkar