Extending the Integrated Literature research Environment (ILE)

Project Idea

Related work is an integral part of every research project. Many data sources (Google Scholar, ACM, IEEE Xplore, ...) are available to explore research publications, yet they all provide different interfaces. To assess the state of the art in a research area, it is crucial to maintain a bibliography of related work, including annotated papers and summaries. The activity of literature research commonly involves multiple tools using different data formats (BibTex, PDF, Websites, ...), which requires many context switches between specialized tools. The goal of the ILE is to integrate these tools into a single environment that enables the user to explore research publications, maintain a bibliography, and keep track of the state of the literature research. A prototype of the ILE is already implemented with the [LiteratureResearcher](https://github.com/maenu/LiteratureResearcher), yet it is not very robust and lacks integration with external bibliography indices. In this project you will address these issues and make the LiteratureResearcher more useful. [Demo](https://youtu.be/EcK3Pt_WnEw)


Manuel Leuenberger