Fogbugz-Pharo Integration


Bug tracking systems are essential in software development as they allows teams to manage bugs, organize work and prioritize what's important. Fogbugz is a bug tracking system used by the Pharo language. Fogbugz is a lightweight and easy to use bug tracker with great search functionality.

Nevertheless, Fogbugz is not integrated with the Pharo IDE. It can only be accessed using a web browser. The goal of this project is to create a link between Pharo and Fogbugz, by allowing developers to access and search for bug reports directly from the Pharo IDE, without having to use the web browser.


To link Pharo and Fogbugs we will use Zinc, an open-source framework to deal with the HTTP networking protocol, to communicate with the Fogbugs XML API and extract information about bug reports. We will then integrate these data into Spotter, the default search tool from Pharo.

This project requires only good programming skills. You do not need to know how Pharo or Fogbugs work.

Contact: Andrei ChiƟ