Parsing For Agile Modeling

Dear Reader

On this page, you will find supplementary material for the Parsing for Agile Modeling thesis. The thesis can be downloaded from here.

Prepared Image

A Pharo image with pre-loaded packages, tests, benchmarks and validations can be found in this archive.

Image Info

You can run all the PetitParser related tests from the TestRunner tool. The tests have the ’Petit’ prefix.

You can run all the validations using the ThesisMeasurements class, which is a facade to the benchmarks and measurements used in the thesis. Each measurement creates bunch of *.dat files which contain data that are used by the *.gnuplot scripts.

Archive Structure

The archive is organized as follows:

  • image: a Pharo image including PetitParser with all the extensions discussed in the thesis.
  • vms: Pharo vms for MacOS, Linux and Windows to run the image. The VMs can be downloaded from as well.
  • Sources for benchmarks and validations:
    • smalltalk-src
    • ruby-src
    • java-src
    • python-src
  • plots: Directory with gnuplot scripts to generate the graphs used in the thesis. The directory contains the following sub-directories:
    • cs: for chapter 4
    • bs: for chapter 5
    • pc: for chapter 6
    • ruby: for chapter 7

PetitParser in Moose

Many concept introduced in this thesis were integrated into PetitParser used in the Moose software and data analysis platform.

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