Software Skills Lab

Course:Autumn Semester 2021
Lecturer:Nataliia Stulova
Assistant:Mohammadreza Hazhirpasand
Lectures:Wednesdays @ 14h15-16h00
Place:Schützenmattstrasse 14, 107


This 5 ECTS course is a common teaching unit of the three BeNeFri universities which ensures that students have a basic level of programming skills when starting their Master studies. The course lasts one semester and takes place every week. It comprises three themes:

  • (i) Data structures and representation,
  • (ii) Algorithms and complexity, and
  • (iii) Data analysis.

Each theme is taught in a different university. Each session in a theme revolves around a particular problem and builds on top of the previous sessions. Students should complete exercises of a previous session before a new one starts.


Students should register in the student administration system of their home university according to the rules at bachelor’s level. At the University of Bern, please register in KSL.


  • Lectures on weeks 1-5 are held in Bern, Schützenmattstrasse 14, Room 107.
  • Lectures on weeks 6-9 are held in Neuchatel (exact location to be announced)
  • Lectures on weeks 10-13 and the exam are held in Fribourg (exact location to be announced).


The final grade is derived based upon the exam grade.

The exam is held in December (exact date to be announced) at the University of Fribourg, as a 90-minute written exam.

Schedule 2021 (UniBe)

Week Date Lecture
1 TBD Java Crash Course
2 TBD Linear Data Structures
3 TBD Graphs and Trees
4 TBD Sets and Maps
5 TBD (Data Structure) Algorithms
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