Nataliia Stulova

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I am a postdoctoral researcher in the Software Composition Group.

My research interests center around the use of natural languages in various forms of source code documentation and building the links between the code and the docs to improve program comprehension by humans.

More detailed information is available on my personal web page.


Autumn semester 2021

Spring semester 2021

Autumn semester 2020

Available Student Projects

Ongoing Projects


Change Patterns in Complex Systems Gabriela López Magaña (ZHAW), Sebastiano Panichella (ZHAW)
Comment Quality Metrics Pooja Rani, Arianna Blasi (USI-STAR), Sebastiano Panichella (ZHAW), Alessandra Gorla (IMDEA Software), Oscar Nierstrasz
Tools for Agile Behavior Driven Development Nitish Patkar, Andrei Chiş (feenk gmbh)
Code-Comment Mapping Techniques Arianna Blasi (USI-STAR), Alessandra Gorla (IMDEA Software), Oscar Nierstrasz

SCG Student Theses and Projects

Comparison of commenting conventions covered by style guidelines and tools Michael Dooley BSc thesis Pooja Rani

Past Projects

Code-comment inconsistency fixes dataset Imane Essaghir Seminar project
Source code vocabularies Sergiy Goloviatinski Seminar project
Interactive Visualizations for Software Duplication Jonas Richner MSc thesis (PDF, slides)
Bringing Agile Artifacts Closer To Implementation Robert Niemiec MSc theis (PDF, slides) Nitish Patkar, Andrei Chiş (feenk gmbh)
Moldable Scenario Builder Ivan Kravchenko MSc thesis (PDF, slides) Nitish Patkar, Andrei Chiş (feenk gmbh)