SDE Resources

The main course page is here.

Programming Smalltalk

Software Architecture

The tasks and survey for the Softwarenaut lab.

Software Metrics and Problem Detection

Reading materials

Mining Software Repositories

  • MSR-Articles: These are my copies of the articles I mentioned in the lecture. Some of them contain highlighting that I did for my personal use.
  • This is the video I wanted to show you. Particularly Section 8.

Software Visualization

Dynamic Analysis

Project 2011: Dead Code Detection

  • Here are three versions of the TextLint system for your evolutionary analysis:
  • - an older version of inFusion. See the !README-MOOSE file on how to use the script.-
  • An ecosystem case study: Glamour, and several systems that are using it:

Project 2014: Hot spot analysis

Software Ecosystems

Related courses

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