ESE: Introduction to Software Engineering (Einführung in SE)


Course: Introduction to Software Engineering
(Autumn Semester 2016)
Professor:Oscar Nierstrasz, Mohammad Ghafari, Dr.
Assistants:Haidar Osman, Claudio Corrodi, Manuel Leuenberger
Language: English
Lectures:Wednesdays, 14h15-16h00
Exercises:Wednesdays, 16h15-17h00
Place:Engehaldenstrasse 8, 001
Start:Sept. 21, 2016
End:Dec. 21, 2015
Exam:Thu. Jan. 12, 2017 @ 10h00-12h00, ExWi A6


This course is intended for Bachelors students in the third semester studying a major or minor in Computer Science. The goal of this course is to provide an introduction to the key concepts of Software Engineering.

Learning Outcomes

The course will focus on the use of agile software processes, object-oriented methods, UML and other industrial best practices to successful completion of software projects. The follow themes will be explored: How can you effectively determine and agree on what a customers really needs? How can you ensure that the software product being developed will satisfy non-functional requirements, such as user-friendliness, robustness,reliability and extensibility? How do you plan a software project and manage a project developed in a team? What tools are available to help support you in a software project?

The exercises for the course will consist of a small software project to be developed by the students in teams over the course of the semester.

Schedule 2016

Week Date Lecture
1 21-Sep-16 Introduction: The Software Lifecycle
2 28-Sep-16 Requirements Collection
3 05-Oct-16 Responsibility-Driven Design
4 12-Oct-16 Guest lecture: Agile Practices in Industry (Ralph Jocham)
5 19-Oct-16 Modeling Objects and Classes
6 26-Oct-16 Modeling Behaviour
7 02-Nov-16 Guest lecture: Software Testing (Manuel Oriol)
8 09-Nov-16 User Interface Design
9 16-Nov-16 Software Quality
10 23-Nov-16 Software Security
11 30-Nov-16 Software Metrics
12 07-Dec-16 Guest lecture: Project Management (Jan Hornwall)
13 14-Dec-16 Software Architecture;
Guest lecture: Software Architecture in practice (Erwann Wernli)
14 21-Dec-16 Guest lecture: SE in practice —
Automated Testing and Continuous Delivery (Marc Hofer)
15 12-Jan-17 Final Exam: ExWi A6 @ 10h00-12h00
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