Adrian Kuhn

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I received my PhD from the University of Bern in 2011. This is my website from when I was with the Software Composition Group in Bern. My advisor was Oscar Nierstrasz.

"I am in love with programming languages."

My main research interests are human-computer interaction in software engineering and programming languages (HCI, SE, PL). I have been working on development tools, mainly using data mining and information visualization, and on dynamic programming languages. At the moment, I’m working on Software Cartography.



Just started at UBC with Gail Murphy’s group …


Current projects

Past projects

Please refer to my publications for a complete list of publications.

Please refer to activities for my reviewing activities.


Current students

  • None, as I am finishing my PhD.

Past students


Random stuff

Some moose fun

  • Moosehaven is a self-contained model communitiy, owned and operated by the Loyal Order of Moose. They even offer bicycle repairman as a sunshine job to their members!
  • Der Göttinger Elch, is awarded each year to a German comedian or Emil Steinberger.
  • Blog post on the origin of the initial Elchkritiker-Quote (in German)
  • Dear Gentlemen, please enjoy the hottest Moose Pinup ever!
  • Funny youtube clip – Moose sings da blues

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