Florian Gysin

Florian Gysin

I am a bachelor student at the University of Bern since 2006 and am currently working on my bachelor thesis in computer science. The fields of my thesis are source code/software search-engines and it is supervised by Adrian Kuhn.

Find out more about my work here: Bender

Further profiles
at Ohloh.com
at Xing.com

Digital contacts:
eMail: flo.g@bluewin.ch, flo.g@students.unibe.ch
ICQ: 156073610
MSN: dolgthrasir@hotmail.com
Jabber: fgysin@jabber.org

home: +41 (0)31 534 96 42
office: +41 (0)31 631 50 73
mobile: +41 (0)77 425 69 55

Postal Address:
Florian Gysin
Laubeggstrasse 16
CH-3013 Bern


  1. Florian S. Gysin. Improved Social Trustability of Code Search Results. In Proceedings International Conference on Software Engineering, ICSE '10, Student Research Competition, 2010. DOI PDF 
  2. Florian S. Gysin and Adrian Kuhn. A Trustability Metric for Code Search based on Developer Karma. In ICSE Workshop on Search-Driven Development-Users, Infrastructure, Tools and Evaluation, 2010. SUITE '10., 2010. DOI PDF 
  3. Florian S. Gysin. Trust this Code? — Improving Code Search Results through Human Trustability Factors. Bachelor's thesis, University of Bern, March 2010. PDF 

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