β€” *β€œIt is our aim that the user of a code search engine is provided with as much information as possible with as little effort as necessary. Therefore Bender provides the user with additional meta information along with the actual pieces of code that were found for a query.”*

We have developed Bender as a code search engine which enriches code search results with trustability information. To add to the information content of search results we combine two main sources to form the Bender code search engine. On the one hand there is the actual code base of the search engine over which an index is created. On the other hand we have created a database of metadata for the projects in the code base.

Bender was created as a Bachelor Project by Florian Gysin, it was supervised by Oscar Nierstrasz / Adrian Kuhn.

Bender_screenshot This screenshot shows a search result of the Bender code search engine. The right shows a code snippet and full name of the result, on the left there is additional meta and trustability information.

Try it out

Download Bender VM package here to try it out: Bender VM


See: [Theoretical background of the Bender project]( Gysi10&filter=Year).