How to supervise a Bachelors project

Other than with the Informatikprojekt, as of now, students have to register when they start the project.

  • First, Oscar needs the green sheet the student will get from the Studienleitung, so he can officially start.
  • There are three parts to the Bachelor’s project:
    1. Anleitung zu wissenschaftlichen Arbeiten: this is either a document describing background material (i.e., a "how to"), or it may be a paper submitted to a workshop or a conference
    2. Proseminar: ideally there should be two talks given in the SCG meeting - one at the beginning and one at the end of the work (in some cases a single presentation may suffice)
    3. Bachelorarbeit: this is the written thesis itself

The thesis should be written using the LaTeX template in the scgbib repo:

git clone git://

NB: The Anleitung should be included as an appendix to the thesis (be sure it is labeled "Anleitung ...").

  • Add the student to scg-students and scg-fun
  • Create an account in the pool if he/she plans to work there
  • Apply for key and badge for the student pool if needed. Ask Bettina about that.

Students are expected to attend the SC: Software Composition Seminar, and to give at least two presentations. The first presentation when they are about three weeks into the project, and the second when they finish the project. The duration of projects is limited to five months.

Please make sure that the written reports are carefully proofread and corrected before submitting them to Oscar. (It is no fun to review a Bachelors thesis that is full of errors!)

The final deliverable is the PDF of the report, which will be published in the SCG archive. There is no need to provide any printed copies.

Please check out Common Writing Errors.

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