New team member needed! We are looking for a bachelor or masters student, who is motivated by raising developer awareness of the importance of software analysis in a playful manner. Your goal would be to add new fun levels to HIKOMSYS. To prepare these levels you will have to first design the corresponding static analysis. You will have the full support of the team for all the phases of your project.


  • develop a fun online game that tests developers knowledge about the architecture of their system.
  • collect information that could support future research
    • on the system that the developers use already: complement system documentation,
    • benchmark for component detection
    • benchmark for automatic refactoring techniques
  • possible further research questions
    • do developers get better at the game if they play it again? one week later? one month later?



  • Paper based game design
    • what do we want to collect (dependencies between modules (reflexion models), dependencies that should not be, ranking things (deps, classes)...)
    • game workflow design
    • try out the manual analysis with Moose
    • try-outs with people
  • Alpha version
    • backend
      • find parser for java (VerveineJ, inFusion),
      • glue with Moose
  • Back-end
    • populate with data
      • which systems to choose?
      • which developers to contact?
  • Front-end
    • implement front-end
    • point system / ranking
  • Write up paper
  • Expand paper into thesis


  • Pharo, Moose
  • Canvas, Javascript


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