ReqIF parser and workflow editor

ReqIF (Requirements Interchange Format) is an XML file format, which companies use to exchange requirements. The ReqIF also defines a workflow for transmitting the status of requirements between partners. Read more about ReqIF here. ProR is a tool that is a part of the Eclipse Requirements Modeling Framework (RMF) and is used to provide traceability between requirements and formal models. Read more about ProR here.

The goal of this thesis is to understand the specifics of ReqIF and analyze the features of ProR. In particular, we will study how well ProR (and any other available tools) engages diverse stakeholders in an IDE. Subsequently, you will build a ReqIF parser in Glamorous Toolkit (GT) IDE to parse any ReqIF file and a device a solution to create requirements as first-class citizens iteratively.


Nitish Patkar

Last changed by nitish on 29 December 2020