Object-Oriented Software Composition

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Foreword by Akinori Yonezawa (HTML)
Preface by Oscar Nierstrasz and Dennis Tsichritzis (HTML)
PART I Introduction
Chapter 1. Component-Oriented Software Technology by Oscar Nierstrasz and Laurent Dami
PART II Concurrency and Distribution
Chapter 2. Concurrency in Object-Oriented Programming Languages by Michael Papathomas
Chapter 3. Interoperation of Object-Oriented Applications by Dimitri Konstantas
PART III Specification and Composition
Chapter 4. Regular Types for Active Objects by Oscar Nierstrasz
Chapter 5. A Temporal Perspective of Composite Objects by Constantin Arapis
Chapter 6. Functions, Records and Compatibility in the Lambda N Calculus by Laurent Dami
PART IV Software Information Management
Chapter 7. Component Classification in the Software Information Base by Panos Constantopoulos and Martin Dörr
Chapter 8. Managing Class Evolution in Object-Oriented Systems by Eduardo Casais
Chapter 9. The Affinity Browser by Xavier Pintado
PART V Frameworks and Applications
Chapter 10. Visual Composition of Software Applications by Vicki de Mey
Chapter 11. Multimedia Component Frameworks by Simon Gibbs
Chapter 12. Gluons and the Cooperation between Software Components by Xavier Pintado

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