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Object-Oriented Software Composition

Object-Oriented Software Composition, edited by Oscar Nierstrasz and Dennis Tsichritzis, is available in hardcover from Prentice Hall International. Published 1995, ISBN 0-13-220674-9.

Object-Oriented Software Composition adopts the viewpoint that object-oriented technology is essentially about composing flexible software applications from software components. Although object-oriented languages, tools and methods have come a long way since the birth of object-oriented programming, the technology is not yet mature. This book presents the results of a series of research projects related to object-oriented software composition that were carried out within the Object Systems Group at the University of Geneva, or by partners in collaborative research projects, during a period of about ten years. As such, this book is an attempt to synthesize and juxtapose ideas that were developed by a group of people working closely together over several years.


This book is now also freely available for download either as a single PDF (3MB), or individually by chapter.

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