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PECOS: Pervasive Component Systems (IST-1999-20398)






The PECOS Project

Component-based software development is becoming mainstream for conventional applications. However, components can be difficult to deploy in embedded systems due to the presence of non-functional requirements. The goal of PECOS is to enable CBSD for embedded systems by providing an environment that supports the specification, composition, configuration checking, and deployment of embedded systems built from software components.

This web site ( presents the results of the PECOS project from its start in October 2000, through to its conclusion in September 2002. These results consist of published papers, as well as public project deliverables, including the Pecos handbook, reports on the PECOS workpackages, and various software prototypes.


PECOS was a collaborative effort between industrial and academic partners.

  • ABB: Asea Brown Boveri AG — Germany
  • FZI: Forschungzentrum Informatik an der Universitaet Karlsruhe — Germany
  • OTI: Object Technology International AG — The Netherlands
  • UNIBE: Software Composition Group, University of Bern — Switzerland


For further information about PECOS, please contact Christian Stich, ABB.

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Last modified: 2002-10-01