Requirements parser, workflow editor, and persistence to git

Software requirements are often stored and managed in several separate tools, such as Jira, Trello, modeling tools, etc. When too many tools are used along with an IDE to implement software, maintenance becomes costly. Therefore, we envision creating and managing requirements in an IDE. Kindly read the broader vision for this work in this paper.

For this project, we only want to solve a small issue to accomplish the big vision. Requirements are stored in several file formats.

ReqIF (Requirements Interchange Format) is an XML file format, which companies use to exchange requirements. Read more about ReqIF here. Similarly, we have a dummy JSON file that contains requirements for toy software applications.

The goal of this project is to parse the requirements stored in these file formats, create requirements as objects, and when modified— serialize back to these file formats. We will also figure out how requirements stored in such formats and created as objects can be saved to git to become part of the software project.

Watch this video, which is a cool demonstration of this idea.


Note: there already exists STON format to serialize objects. We will study whether we can use it to serialize the requirements.


Nitish Patkar