Visualizing Graphs in GT

In the GlamorousToolkit, a moldable Smalltalk-based environment, several layouts for graphs already exist, e.g. a circular and a simple force-based layout. Yet there is always room for improvement, e.g. a hierarchical layout implementation yielding unsatisfying results. The goal of this project is to extend the existing graph layouts and their APIs in GlamorousToolkit. A new layout algorithm could be implemented based on a scientific publication, a new force-based layout could be added, existing layouts could be improved, whole graph drawing libraries may be integrated by interfacing Smalltalk with the C library. For inspiration, have a look at graph drawing on Wikipedia, graphviz(homepage)(forums), igraph, tulip, and libcola. This project is suitable for someone interested in algorithms, Smalltalk, graphs, implementing an approach described in a scientific publication, and/or C.


Manuel Leuenberger, Alexandre Bergel, Oscar Nierstrasz