Pascal Gadient

Research Assistant

After working on Android application analysis during the SCG seminar and master’s thesis, I now continue to contribute within this field during my PhD research.

My interest includes large Android app collections that are mined for security issues. These issues are evaluated based on different feature sets and thus contain a valuable source for later software assessments.

Supervisors: Dr. Mohammad Ghafari, Prof. Dr. Oscar Nierstrasz

Project Proposals



  • Individual projects available on request


  • Individual projects available on request

Previous Proposals


E-Mailpascal.gadient [AT]
Phone+41 31 511 7644
Address University of Bern, Software Composition Group,
Room 206, Sch├╝tzenmattstrasse 14, CH-3012 Bern



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  1. Pascal Gadient, Mohammad Ghafari, Marc-Andrea Tarnutzer, and Oscar Nierstrasz. Web APIs in Android through the Lens of Security. In 27th edition of the IEEE International Conference on Software Analysis, Evolution and Reengineering (SANER), March 2020. DOI PDF 


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  1. Pascal Gadient. Security in Android Applications. Masters thesis, University of Bern, August 2017. PDF 
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